The Best External Hard Drive According To Professionals In The Sector

The Best External Hard Drive According To Professionals In The Sector

Because we live in a computer world it is important to have the best external hard drive to store our files in. We’ll need to keep our simple text files safe as well as our digital media files.

In this article, I’ll go over how to get rid of your tvs and dvds by choosing a great external hard drive to store all of this data on. I’ll go over some of the best reviews written on the subject so you’ll know which to choose.

PC world has recently labeled the Verbatim Quad Interface Professional, the Wiebe Tech RTX400, and the LaCie 2big Quadra 2TB the top 3 external hard drives on the market. The LaCie got 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 for best external hard drive by PC World because of its sturdy physique and the availability of multiple interfaces. It has a 2,000 GB capacity with a bundled software that include Genie Backup Manager Pro for Windows Software and Intego Backup Manager Pro for Mac Computers. To put it simply, this data drive is very versatile. Verbatim also has universal compatibility but only has a capacity to store files of up to 1,000 GB. This data drive comes with backup software by Nero.

The Wiebe’s only fault was that it was big, bulky, and heavy. It can only be for office use and not for home when you might have to transfer it from one place to another. Fortunately, this hard drive has a storage capability of 4TB which completely blows away its competition. It also has some nice data backup software included.

CNET also made its own reviews that had two Seagate products at the top of the line. Out of all the Seagate products reviewed by CNET, I felt that the Seagate GoFlex was the best external data drive. This is because it is fantastic to look at and is great for storage. It can stream digital content. Sadly, only three wireless devices can connect to this device at one time. I probably wouldn’t want to run this in a large corporate environment, but for small businesses and home use, this is a great device. CNET also called it a “must-have” for those with an Ipad.

The Plextor PX 256M2S was positively reviewed for its “great” performance. This machine is a bit costly, but laptop users find it easier to use. You’ll find that Samsung has come out with a decent external data drive. This data drive has a small foot print that people can take advantage of while on the go. This is considered the best hard drive because it works well with any other application and it shows in the price of this thing, which is the only bad thing about the Samsung.

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