Free Screen Capture Tools

Free Screen Capture Tools

Want to Capture a Screen Shot of your Desktop? It quiet simple,Press the print screen button on keyboard than Open an image editing program,such as Microsoft Paint.To paste the captured screen press Ctrl and V both together,then you see your captured image is automatically paste on your image editor program.

If you want to Capture freely selected screen areas on your Desktop you want to need a Software for it.Free Screen Capture software offer you some editing tools and basic features,so you can easily Re-size screen shots or create thumbnails.

ScreenHunter is a Free simple Screen Capture utility,you can easily take screenshots of your Desktop.By using ScreenHunter software you can Capture a full screen, an active window, the client window, or a rectangular area.The best thing about ScreenHunter,it automatically saves captures in BMP or JPEG format,so you don’t want to stop each time when you capture and you can capture as many as you like.

Screenshot Captor
The Another free screen capture Tool “Screenshot Captor”allows users to save an image of the full screen, an active window, or any rectangular area as a graphics file.It also offer you some editing features including cropping,blurring, and resizing but it has lack of some features like text balloons or arrows.

DuckCapture is Simple But perfect Screen Capture program.The Free DuckCapture software can Capture a window on your screen, region of your screen, or the contents of a tall web page that scrolls.You can easily edit,draw annotations with arrows or blocks And you may select the multiple region of one screenshot,move and refine them.After editing you may can Share your captured image.

Free Online ScreenShots tools
Bounceapp: You can easily captured full length screenshots of web pages,then after capturing screenshot you can add some notes to it.Once you have written your feedback, you can post it all online via Facebook or Twitter.

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