Easy Means To Promote Online Business

Easy Means To Promote Online Business

Using software called Content Boss, it can be very easy to spin some of your articles and promote online business. Get someone to read it, make sure it looks ok and then you can go about submitting it through to blog networks. We have someone on our team who is doing a lot of our spinning at the moment and basically what she does is, there’s different syntax and it will vary based on the article blog network that you go after. Basically we spin at a paragraph level.

Then when we write an article, we write the original version which gets submitted to Ezine, then the spun versions for the second tier article submission sites. When they get rewritten, we make sure that each paragraph is interchangeable. And so I could take one paragraph from article, come up with another article and it would still read to make sense when you promote business online.

Then you utilize the spinning plus they place the syntax and they have an open bracket plus a pipe to signify the next little bit of spinnable content articles are appearing then another pipe for an additional piece then a closed bracket. Basically it’s going to vary and it will depend on what SEO services network you go for. Basically it’ll spin that article and create a whole lot of various variations by randomly picking out a paragraph from all of those spun sections and creating a unique article.

So we get that article spun and we go ahead and submit it to promote online business after checking out some internet marketing reviews. We use Content Boss for some of them but at the moment a lot of them are just being hand written as well. When we actually send the links back, it varies from blog network to blog network, you get the opportunity to put in your own anchor text. This is the benefit from paying to get into these blog networks. We’re now allowed to take advantage of their blog network and send links back to our website.

Then we publish out to all of these blogs and they are all backlinking to our SEO company website with our desired anchor text in it. You can use variations if you want, just make sure to know the number of anchor text and links that you are allowed to embed to the article itself. Also some of these use video too and some of these enable you to embed video as well. When you have video that is created, one thing that will help your video to rate well on Google Video Search and even online will be the variety of embeds to get a video. That will help improve your internet search engine placement for your business videos.

By embed, I simply mean, when you go to a video in YouTube, there exists a little embed code. It is possible to copy and paste that embed code and that means you can display that video on your website. It is possible to embed that video into these blog networks after which it gets pushed out across all of those different sites on that network and we’re embedding that video in most of the pages to promote online business today.

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