CPA Web Development Expenses are Dropping as Skilled Designers Become Unnecessary

CPA Web Development Expenses are Dropping as Skilled Designers Become Unnecessary

Modern accountancies don’t need to pay a pro to craft or control their CPA sites any longer. Is your site old and full of obsolete features, facts and notes because you´re avoiding the cost and delays involved with making changes to it?

It´s passed time to be on your way.

The nature of CPA site development is has changed quickly. Ten years ago the website design industry was centered around the “web designer”, an expensive and (hopefully) adept professional who was proficient with source generators like Dreamweaver and was intimate with perplexing programming languages like ASP. Well, things change. Presently things are really different.

There is an amazing new tool called a “CMS”, or “Content Management System that makes professionals much less important to the building and maintenance of just about all regular websites. Don’t misconstrue what I’m saying: these talented people are still fundamental pieces of the web site design industry, but their use is changing. Any fairly computer competent soul can commonly use systems like this to act as their own webmaster. The CMS, or “point and click site editor”, is basically just a consistent evolution of editing software that website professionals have taken advantage of for years. It can be used to append and delete pages. You can also edit pages. All content management systems have what is often referred to as a “WYSIWYG” editor, actually just an extremely simple word processor. WYSIWYG simply stands for “What You See is What You Get”. It enables you to format your pages, upload photos and other images,, and fashion tables. By enabling you to make modifications to the website’s Navigation Menu you can also arrange a website’s overall architecture .

A CMS allows very nearly any individual to speedily and , without difficultly, serve all the duties that took a pricey programmer hours to do only just years ago.

Virtually any significant hosting company of superior CPA sites includes a complimentary or discounted content management system with hosted sites.

Obviously the outstanding difference between a CMS and a custom website designer is cost. For most small CPA firms this is a big difference. Most designers are typically not as motivated as you are to get your work completed in an immediate fashion and most make upwards of $25 per hour. Pro web design jobs can have turn around on web design jobs of A month or more.

This doesn’t even include the time spent designing the site. It can regularly take 200 hours or more to construct superior CPA sites from scratch. That means months of lost time and thousands of dollars invested. CMS site providers avert this expense by constructing the websites in advance and presenting menus of “ready-to-use” website styles.

A number of website owners balk at using “templates” or already have custom-made sites that they have spent a great deal of capital on and are very pleased with, so loads of CMS providers are able to fine-tune their pre-existing templates to best reflect your brand (if not outright replicate your current site) quite inexpensively. This may be an emerging technology but it’s disseminating exceedingly fast.

Of course the drawback with sites built in this fashion is that, while economical and easy to manage, they usually lack all-important content. The demand for industry focused content has given birth to an entire side industry around the demand for accounting focused content, so before ducking off to a general purpose or retail website provider, do a Bing search for providers that focus on superior CPA sites.

The best of these, in my opinion, is CPA Site Solutions. For more than a decade they have devised super CPA sites.

To find out what we are suggesting when we talk about “CPA specific content” take a look at this streaming video about accounting websites.

CPA Websites
Note the tools designed carefully for website owners in the CPA industry: free reports, tax due dates, links to tax forms and publications, a portal for transferring accounting files, interactive financial calculators, email… A website like this might be fairly helpful for a hugely limited number of firms outside their intended market, maybe a head-hunter or business consultant might use a lot of the content on this site, but it would be thriftless for a business like a hotel.

For a variety of large corporate CPA practices it´s worth the time and cost of retaining highly trained designers, but for most local firms, especially in these harsh economic times, it´s past time to watch out for new solutions. Finding a CMS that specializes in CPA sites will reduce your costs and at the same time increase your influence over your website.

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